Hey Girls…!

July 5, 2013

So the 2013 SoCal Outrigger Ironman Season has drawn to a close. Every year the novices from the different clubs participate in a dance contest…. The Lanakila Ladies (where we are Rookies – and yes, there is a difference) upped the ante, so to speak, and performed this little rap in lieu of the more traditional luau fare.


From the Field Notes…

July 5, 2013

Some of the baddest women – competing in the most rigorous test of human strength and endurance – in the world!
I’m stoked to be able to train and learn with them!

A Thousand Words…

June 20, 2013

A Thousand Words...

F’reals, homie… she seemed to say.
Funny how life can be equal parts more and less amusing when you’re exhausted.

Highlights from the Weekend Past…

June 4, 2013



Lanakila Rookies
The Ladies

Team Lanakila was out in full effect this weekend… we had an *almost* home race in Marina del Rey.  It was great – all of the benefits of a home race, with none of the hassle 😉



Louise (steering) and I (the blonde in the green hat)
Oh, yeah. I’m a blonde again.

In up and coming news that has me feeling the very definition of stoked and excited (!!!), four (4) of my lovely friends are coming to visit me – from a myriad ports of call!  Okay, technically they’re coming for the wedding of some dear dear friends of ours (from our Haifa, Israel days) – but they’re my house guests, I’ll spin it how I want!

…Floating Like A Feather

May 30, 2013

...Floating Like A Feather

I have been in learning mode, lately. It is nervous and exciting all at the same time… for example, in anticipation of my first race (11 May), I asked my vet/mentor New Girl how it would be to paddle for such a long time (more than twice as long as I’d ever paddled without a break). She said that a time would come where it would feel like if I took another stroke I’d die… and then I’d take the stroke and all of the exhaustion would just fade away – at least until the end of the rest.
This paddling is a good metaphor for life, methinks.

On A Decent Proposal…

May 29, 2013

On A Decent Proposal...

At practice on Monday, we were leaving the harbor and heading to the ocean… giving us more precise direction, the coach shouted aloud “To the Point!”
…inside my little canoe, I said “to the window! to the wall!” – but no one got it because I was the youngest person in my boat. at least in my heart.


May 29, 2013


New Girl Y yo (Princess Piper), first race of the season (or… ever)
San Diego, CA.

So as you know, I’ve started outrigger paddling.  It is simultaneously one of the hardest and most rewarding things I’ve ever done. If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, it’s my ballroom dancing. I have been on the ocean with sea lions, dolphins and whales (I know!!!) – and some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet!
As you can see below, there really isn’t room for a camera on the water, but when I find them I’ll share them. Anecdotes and fond memories optional.


Yours truly in seat 1 at the Santa Barbara Rig Run – charging!

…My Heart’s Desire

May 24, 2013

...My Heart's Desire

Today marks the anniversary of one of the most momentous occasions in modern history – the Declaration of the Bab as the Promised Qaim.

School Night…

May 20, 2013

I have been listening to this band (you’re going to be hearing a LOT from them, I can tell!), The Honey Trees, since I lived in Israel – and then when I moved to LA, I got to see them on stage. Yes. It really was magical and glorious.
Tonight they’re playing the Bardot in Hollywood for KCRW’s ‘School Night’. I am completely excited.

The First Taste [Produced by Saatchi & Heckler]

May 16, 2013

I’m not a parent yet, so naturally I think I’m an expert at child development (ha!) – but whether you’ve seen the flurry of articles popping up on the interwebs about how to get kids to eat the food before them (look to the French!), or you take a more laissez-faire approach… this is hilarious!
My favorite are the triumphant fist pumps, naturally.
…was there ever a food that you expected to hate – and have come to love? Hate’s a strong word, I know – but I am all up in persimmon’s business! Who knew?!